Cuskin: Vitamin U Hydro Gel Eye Patch, 60pcs

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COSMECEUTICALS! Recommendation of cosmetologists!Professional Hydrogel patches for eyelids tighten the skin under the eyes, reduce circles, significan..

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COSMECEUTICALS! Recommendation of cosmetologists!

Professional Hydrogel patches for eyelids tighten the skin under the eyes, reduce circles, significantly increase the density of the skin, smooth facial wrinkles. Contain volufiline (the basis of all lifting masks), adenosine, peptide complex, vitamin U.

PATCH MATERIAL: Hydrogel derived from algae and cereals. Perfectly fits and enhances the penetration of active serum into the deeper layers of the skin. Due to the increased size of the patch, it can be applied to the forehead and the nasolabial folds.

1.    Vitamin U-restores damaged skin,
2.    Volufiline — (the basis of all lifting masks) vegetable ingredient, enhances skin elasticity, to fill the missing volume in sagging areas.
3.    Beta-glucan and Hyaluronic Acid-moisturize and prevent dehydration.
4.    Copper-1 Tripeptide-renews the skin at the cellular level, triggers the synthesis of collagen and intercellular matrix.
5.    Acetylhexapeptide-8-acts as a Botox peptide, prevents the formation of facial wrinkles.
6.    Herb complex GREENOL-a composition of herbs, including lavender, bergamot, freesia, peppermint, chamomile, rosemary soothes irritated skin, relieve swelling, improve microcirculation.

* Instantly smooth out fine lines.
* Tighten the skin.
* Relieve swelling.
* Lighten the skin around the eyes.
* Make the look rested.

* Significantly increase the density of the skin under the eyes.
* Tighten the area around the eyes, fill sagging areas.
* Smooth out deep wrinkles.

Who is SUITABLE: for all skin types, especially for fading thin sensitive skin around the eyes with loss of elasticity and a grid of wrinkles, as well as for the nasolabial folds.

1) use the applicator to remove the patches from the tank.
2) Apply to moistened skin under eyes.
3) after 25-45 minutes, remove. Do not rinse the essence, apply the cream.
Recommendation: Store the jar with patches in the refrigerator door, for additional cooling effect. Get the patches out of the box only with a spatula. After removing the patches, easily massage into the skin the remnants of the composition.

Volume: 60 pieces size XXL

Skin type sensitive, dehydrated, dry, normal
Appointment tighten the skin under the eyes, reduce dark circles and puffiness, significantly increase the density of the skin, smooth wrinkles.
Capacity 110g, 60pcs in package
Made in South Korea

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