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If your skin seems tired after a working day, flight, lost life-breaths or dimmed, will charge her energy and compel her to shine!A mask will clean al..

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If your skin seems tired after a working day, flight, lost life-breaths or dimmed, will charge her energy and compel her to shine!

A mask will clean all tiredness, stress, will fill shallow wrinkles, will clean decorticating, quickly will satiate moisture, and due to an ultra from a cotton and eucalyptus fibre befits thin basis for the most delicate and sensible skin. She can be bravely attributed to the "anti-pollution" cosmetic, as it protects from negative influence of megalopolis.

On face oxygen mask of Cellazur Sparkling Essence mask grows into thousands of phials, they appear in sequence, burst after, creating the most pleasant "effect of massage".

After application of mask, Your person looks, as after a walk in-field or express of procedure for a cosmetologist.

Also a mask is effective after active procedures for a cosmetologist (peelings, mesotherapy, biorevitalization), she heals, takes off inflammations, accelerates renewal and calms a skin.

Results after application:

- Renders a deep moistening effect

- Helps to recover the microflora of skin

- Revitalizes and revives a skin

- Lights up and evens a complexion

- Prevents to aging of skin, fills superficial wrinkles

- Diminishes negative influence of smoking and stress

- Quickly diminishes redness and inflammations

Active ingredients:

are Polynucleotides (PDRN) - stimulating the desmocytes of skin, strengthen the synthesis of own collogen, elastin restore albuminous composition of skin, activate the processes of reparation.

are Peptids - stimulate the synthesis of collogen, improve exchange processes, rejuvenate a skin, give her a healthy and well-groomed kind.

it is the Hydrolyzed collogen - renders a rejuvenating and moistening action, accelerates a regeneration, renders a smoothing out action.

it is Extract of root of salads (liquorice) - calms a skin, lights up, appearance of pigmental spots warns, takes off inflammations.

it is Adenosine - actively influences on the production of collogen, assists the production of elastin in the cages of epidermis, reduces the amount of wrinkles, diminishes their depth.

it is Low-molecular hyaluronic acid - deeply satiates a skin moisture and prevents to her loss, accelerates the processes of regeneration of fabrics.

it is Deep-water salt water and water of lotus - fill with a skin moisture and provide the prolonged moistening.

it is Extract of algae - creates a "breathful" protective barrier on face, diminishes TEWL, renders a rejuvenating and antioxidant effect.

Method of application :

After clearing of person, get a mask from packing and at once densely will attach to the person. Mask oxygen, therefore after dissection of packing of her at once it is needed immediately to impose on a person.

After 15-25 minutes, take off tissue basis, hammer in the pillows of fingers bits and pieces of impregnation and leave on face yet on 5 minutes, after at a desire wash off warm water.

Can be used by a course 1 one time per a week during three weeks or simply as necessary.

To avoid a hit in eyes and on mucous membranes.

Age 25+
Skin type all skin types
Appointment Restore, nourish, moisturize, improve complexion
Capacity 3pcs * 22g
Made in South Korea

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